BRISBANE:Gaza protest -- a militant march

BRISBANE: Three hundred people marched through city streets here on January 24th to protest Israel's continuing blockade of Gaza. While this was the fifth Gaza march in as many weeks, no ebbing of passion or commitment was evident from this overwhelming youthful crowd.

After a rally platform which included singer/songwriter Phil Monsour and Palestine solidarity activist Kim Bullimore, the militant march stopped outside Starbucks coffee franchise and an impassioned appeal was made by well known academic activist and Socialist Alliance member ,Gary McLennan for a boycott of Israel.

McLennan explored the logic of Zionism. "If you want to steal Palestinian land", he told the crowd," you have to murder Palestinians." To applause and cheering , he added," We will never forget the dead in Gaza."

Local SA convenor, Paul Benedek, who was marshaling the march, was interviewed live to air by 4ZZZ and SA affiliate Resistance had a post rally discussion on the lawns at Queens Park.

The local Justice for Palestine committee has organised a followup discussion on future strategies in regard to isolating Israel through a campaign of boycott, divestment and.sanctions.

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